Witchcraft can manifest it’s self in several ways. Let’s start with what to do when you have demonic dreams. You need to pray against those demonic dreams and even sometimes pray and fast until you feel a relief; until you feel in your spirit that you have overcome the purpose of the devil. Most of the dreams have animals, some of them have got monkeys, they call them chimpanzee. Some of you think that monkeys are ok because some of you were taught in university that human beings came from monkeys so you imagine there are some characteristics between human beings and monkeys which look alike. I don’t care that there is any characteristics which look alike, I don’t look like a monkey and they don’t look like me the fact that they can eat a banana does not mean that they look like human beings. Sorcerers and witches come and manifest in the spiritual realm in form of dreams. Destroy them and scatter them in the name of Jesus Christ. Many other wicked dreams including sexual dreams also manifest. Sexual dreams are very defiling dreams. some of you have this sexual being that comes to have sex with you in the dreams and yet maybe you are single and even if you are married, you know this spiritual being is not your spouse and  you know that after such a dream you feel so defiled like you really committed sin. In the spiritual realm there is a sin committed, and that is why when we renounce covenants with satan, we renounce those that we know and those that we do not know. Sexual dreams are dangerous. You can be praying for a breakthrough and may be you pray and fast yet the prayers are not manifesting because you are already defiled. The sin of defilement is the worst because once you are defiled, it doesn’t matter how much you are defiled but you are still defiled.

Some of these spiritual beings that comes to have sex with human beings at night, some of them are spiritual husbands and wives. These spiritual husbands and spiritual wives are so jealous, so jealous that even if you force your way and get married, you will never enjoy your marriage. They are always there defiling you, they torment, they frustrate you and you end up a very depressed person, they are also so jealous that if you are single you remain single so that they keep on visiting you. They don’t want you to enter marriage; they want you to remain theirs. Today burry them so that they will never resurrect, the grave they dug for us , we are putting them inside, once these spiritual beings are destroyed  people will start enjoying their marriage.

Free masonry

They operate under the red witches, that is why you find them in churches because the power of God is being made manifest in the church and once you keep them in church they kill the power of God in church. That is why we have nice churches on nice building yet no power of God in those churches. If there is a symbol of masonic spirit in church, it must be brought down, the church must guard against the powers of freemasonry. The free masonry believes that they must be very influential, the want to hold the best jobs and positions, best leadership positions in the nation.

Free masonry curse people through masonic curses. We must pray against masonic curses. They release their curses and when they release their curses, these curses are supposed to bring you down to just destroy what you are doing, second, to kill your influence through rumour mongering and gossiping about you, that is why when you see servants of the God attacked and rumours are going round, don’t join those rumours because the author of those rumours had a target.

Once you start becoming influential, you become the target of freemasons and therefore you must pray every day against the Masonic people, against their tongues, against their sacrifices, almost every day. The Masonic curses destroy your finances, your businesses, they devastate you in a way that you become so discouraged you start hating your own job and you want to come out of your own job, yet a promotion is right away and you want to come out of your job! Ephesians 6 says after you have done all, stand. You can’t be running from one place to another because some people said something negative about you. Masonic curses are real and if you expect to prosper, to rise up to the top, you must deal with them because within their own circle, they favour the people of their own brotherhood; the people of their own association so for you to prosper you must deal with Masonic spirits.  We must pray against the queen of the heaven, it is a child of the prince of the air. Queen of the heaven works very closely with free masons creating lack and want; if find that you are lacking money for school fees, you don’t have enough money to pay all bills, and there is always a shortage in your life! yet we read psalm 23 the Lord is my shepherd I shall not be in want! Today you must enter into rest in the name of Jesus Christ. The forces of darkness do not operate seasonally, they are always there and you therefore must keep on praying every day. Pray perpetually!


False prophets or agents of lucipher

They are agents of the devil.

False prophets, diviners, enchanters, witchdoctors, sorcerers, witches operate under red witchcraft.

The most effective way to deal with them is to pray against the red witchcraft; this way you are dealing with them right in their kingdom.

janes and the jambres

They withstood Moses during the days of Moses removing the children of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land. The janes and jambres in witchcraft are called Capricorns. They are small, short human beings, they are so short that they reach just around the knees or slightly above the knees. They don’t walk in singles, they walk in multitudes. They are so many that if they surround you, whenever you try to go, you can’t go because your legs are not moving. They are so wicked that in your spirit you will be feeling you are feeling breakthrough; you are feeling that God is taking you somewhere but your legs are not getting you there. When Capricorns surround you, you cannot enter into your possession. Today we destroy them in Jesus name.


Caging that is done over people’s life so that they do not progress in life. They make people become stagnant. Caging also comes in properties that are supposed to be occupied and nobody wants to posses and all over sudden the building is covered with darkness.



Guarding spirit

They are demonic spirits that watch over the souls for example the souls of people who are not born again so that they will not get born again and if they get born again they backslide. That is why once we lead people to the Lord, we must watch over them and ensure that they remain saved.

They have an assignment to keep the names of people in the book of death but we have an assignment to remove those names from the book of death and put them in the book of life by leading people to the kingdom of God.

They use tongues to destroy people. Pray against them, cut off their tongues, and nullify them in the name of Jesus Christ.

White witchcraft works with a lot of discouragement and accusing the brethren, it uses the tongues to destroy people, to spread malice.

spirits of babylon

The kingdom of babylon is a parent to kingdom of jezebel. White witchcraft is so concealed by the time you know, it has done some damage. Rumours against you. The Bible calls it the daughter of Babylon, daughter of Chaldean, the Bible further says that she will know widowhood meaning that nobody will comfort her, she will also be childless meaning that she operates with others. But she will be destroyed.

Jezebelic spirits in white witchcraft has an assignment to destroy marriage. It kills sexual appetite in marriage.

Isaiah 47- jezebel spirit is a feminine spirit. it is a woman type spirit. She is also called the lady of the kingdoms. She is coming down in dust in Jesus name. Daughter of jezebel, daughter of Chaldeans also called the daughter of babylon.

Prayer points

Blood of Jesus destroy every witchcraft.

Every demonic covenant be destroyed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Caging is removed in the name of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual wickedness is rendered powerless in the name of Jesus Christ.

Put on the whole amour of the lord.